CholonBil is the largest bill and one of the richest water lands in Bangladesh. This largest bil in the country is actually a cluster of many small bils connected together with various canals and ditches. During the rainy season the total area of about 368 square kilometres turns into a huge water body.

The small bils which formed CholonBil are: Piprul, PurboMadhyanagar, Laror, Dangapara, Tajpur, Nizala, Majhgaon, Briasho, Chonmohon, Shatail, Khardaho, Darikushi, Kajipara, Gajna, Borobil, Shonapatila, Ghughudaho, Kurulia, Gorka, Dikkhibil and Chirol.

A number of rivers are also flowing through CholonBil. The most prominent among those are: Karotoa, Atrai, Gur, Boral, Tulshi, Vadai, Chiknai, Boronja, Telkupi etc.

After visiting CholonBil you may also visit the CholonBil Museum. In 1978, a local teacher named Abdul Hamid established this museum at Khubjipur village in Gurudashpur Upazila.

You can go to Sirajganj from Dhaka by bus and train. If you go by bus, you have to get off near either Sirajganj or Natore. And if you go by train, you have to get off at Sadanandapur station. Sirajganj town is 7 kilometres away from Sadanandapur station.

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 Cholonbil, Rajshahi (চলনবিল, রাজশাহী)

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