Bogra, a North-Western district of Bangladesh, is famous for vast open fertile lands, and ancient archaeological sites. It is part of Rajshahi division, and a major economic hub since ancient times. Supposedly the oldest city of Bengal in the Great Emperor Ashoka’s India, Emperor Ashoka conquered the Bengal (Bongo) and founded Bogra, previously called Pundra Bardhan. Possibly confirming this origin story, an ancient engraved stone believed to be of Gupta era was discovered on a pond bank near Sura Masjid at Ghoraghat Upazila in Dinajpur in October 2008.It is also part of the current rice production bowl of Bangladesh where one can see miles and miles of paddy being cultivated.

Behular Basor, Bogra, Bangladesh

Behular Basor-2, Bogra, Dhaka

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