Arial Beel (Wetland) – a large water body of 136 square kilometers, situated south of Dhaka in between Padma and Dhaleshwari river. The beel’s features change from season to season. The entire Arial beel region is filled with thick silts. Though two big rivers flow right near the beel, the rainy season’s water stays on to create seasonal floods. Since the two rivers have full water flow during the monsoon, the Arial beel gets waterlogged – the water can’t drain out. The difference between Chalan and Arial beel is during dry season, most lands in Chalan beel remain dry, and the lands in Arial beel remain wet all the time. The bigger ponds of the Arial beel are known as ‘denga’ which are literally gold mines of local fish. Fishes live here as these are their very own home.

Arial Beel-20, Munshigonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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